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The brake discs of KOVIS are produced from grey and ductile cast iron, which are casted in-house, as well as from steel where castings are imported from reliable long-term suppliers. KOVIS has more than 150 years experiences with the production of different castings.

The products have been certified and approved according to international standards of UIC and EN, as well as manufactured strictly under thermal characteristics that allow discs outstanding performance of up to 200 km/h.

Together with technology partners KOVIS offers the flexibility, to develop appropriate projects with specific characteristics of customers. 

KOVIS has a fully automatic molding line, cleaning shop, automatic painting line and pattern shop. It has the most advanced technology of controlled and automated process of adding sand mixture and treatmend of exhaust gases.


General description Advantages Applications Special designs

Axle mounted brake discs are manufactured with undivided and divided brake disc design.

OD 610 110 DB 2010

  • Smooth deceleration/decline,
  • Low maintenance,
  • Easy to replace,
  • Low wear,
  • Optimum ventilation for different speed ranges,
  • Wide range of basic sizes,
  • Worldwide application,
  • The replacement of worn friction rings with split versions do not require pressing off.
  • Passenger coaches going over 200 km/h,
  • Metros,
  • Subways,
  • Trams.
  • Ventilated/non-ventilated versions,
  • The arrangement of cooling ribs/stubs,
  • Adjustment for new generation high-burden vehicles
  • Design


General description Advantages Applications Special designs

The production ranges from non-divided wheel brake discs (Monoblock-KZ) to a divided version of the brake disc (concentrically split-KZ).

KD 675 325 45 2

  • Equable deceleration/decline,
  • For wheel and axle sets (where the use of axle mounted discs is not permitted),
  • Brake pads have a more effective friction coefficient curve than tread brakes,
  • The disc is designed to last for the lifetime of the wheel,
  • The replacement of worn out divided brake discs where no pressing off of other parts of the wheel and axle set is required.
  • Passenger coaches going over 200 km/h,
  • Metros,
  • Trams,
  • Drive wheel and axle sets,
  • Wheel and axle sets for locomotives.
  • The use of elastic sleeves for unrestricted thermal expansion in the radial direction of the disc wheel,
  • Various wheel brake disc dimensions from 450mm to 1000mm.


General description Freight wagons Passenger / metro coaches

The Company produces axle boxes for passenger coaches and freight wagons with axle loads ranging from 22.5t to 25t for Y25 bogie types. Kovis has also developed an axle box for the bogie type Y25, with an axle load of 22.5t and 25t. The bearing boxes are used in passenger traffic as well as freight traffic.

Axle box 12

  • DB: BA386, BA182, BA381, BA189, BA080,
  • ÖBB: R87, R97, R98,
  • ČD: 80V.
  • DB: ET401,
  • MAV: 1955-3046 (MAV),
  • BOMBARDIER: IC3, Project Bursa, Marseille, DB ET-Platform, Melbourne, FV Dosto, Twindexx platform,
  • SIEMENS: EMU Mumbai, Project SF100, SF1000, SF7000, W-Wagen, etc.
  • PESA Bydgocscz: Ukraine, Bari, ELF, Czestochowa, EMU/DMU Link, Ariva, etc.


Brake Pad Holders Brake Block Holders Wheel set mountings Hydraulic Gearboxes Mechanical Machining
  • Various Types,
  • Dimensions from 350 to 400 cm2,
  • With or without the cross positioning bolt,
  • The use of special quality ductile cast iron (EN-GJS).
  • Various Types,
  • One- and double-sided designs,
  • The use of special quality cast steel (EN-GJS).
  • Various Types,
  • Made using material grade GE300 cast steel.
  • A complete hydraulic gearbox service for its customers,
  • The ability to simulate 1:1 loads on our own constructed test bench,
  • Fluid transmissions of up to 500 kW.
  • Mechanical machining of various metal parts,
  • Parts made of grey and ductile cast iron, steel castings, forgings and made of steel,
  • Performed using the latest up to date CNC machines.


Brake disc type Z Brake disc type NSK-NET Technology
  • Special design of connection elements,
  • Patented,
  • Improved maintenance time for changing disc,
  • No holes on the surface for a better friction and water flow (no water accumulation),
  • Lower wear on the break pads.
  • Special design of cooling mechanism,
  • Patented,
  • Improved heat dispersion,
  • Longer life expectancy.

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